Lender Shares

How does it work?

The NFT Mint
  • The process begins with the minting of unique NFTs by our community members. These NFTs represent ownership and participation in Lender Shares.
  • 100%+ of the NFT funds will be used for the Lending pool (find out more here).
The Accumulation Phase
  • After sell out - we will use those funds to lend into pools to provide a greater amount thus increasing reward share. (find out more here).
  • Your NFTs must be staked in order to receive revenue share - announcements will be made in discord when your NFTs must be staked by.
  • They must be staked for 7 days in order to qualify for a payment. Snapshots will be taken on day 1 and day 7 - those wallets not in both snapshots will not receive rev share and will have to wait for the next snapshot.
  • All actions of the DAO wallet will be completely trackable in the discord channel.
  • There will be notifications for everything about Lending (ie - when a loan has been accepted, when a loan has been foreclosed, when a loan has been paid back, weekly profit/loss) more info can be found here.
  • A bot has been implemented in the server which will track transactions to and from the DAO wallet and will be visible.
Getting ready for payments
  • The total revenues per week/per month will be announced in the discord channel so you know what payment to expect, then will be distributed to you (provided you meet the staking requirement of being included in both snapshot terms.
Read on to see examples of 1 weeks revenue share and 1 month of revenue share also making comparisons to as if you were doing it yourself.
A snippet of Lender Labs sharkyfi collectios page just to give a visual represenation on what we will be looking at - including underwater loans/floor price/amount of active loans/LTF along with other analytics to come up with our decisions (more info found on our Risk Mitigation page - click here:
You can learn more from Lenderlabs here: https://twitter.com/LenderLabs
You can learn more from SharkyFi here: https://twitter.com/SharkyFi
You can learn more from RainFI here: https://twitter.com/rainfi_
You can learn more from Citrus here: https://twitter.com/FamousFoxFed
You can learn more from Frakt here: https://twitter.com/frakt_hq