Lender Shares

Accumulation phase

Although not ideal, the accumulation phase is a vital part of the revenue process, whereby loaning 100% of the funds for 8 weeks and/or until we are satisfied with the amount pooled (DAOs decision), increasing the pool of funds we have to work with thus dramatically increases revenue rewards!
The accummulation phase is all the while staking/distribution is being set up and tested to ensure go live is smooth.
The benefits include:
  • Cheaper mint price - we do not need to raise more funds from mint. [we can do so from accumulating]
  • Higher ROI - we now have an increased funding amount without having to raise anything more from the community.
  • From an expected 11,110◎ from mint to around 13,220◎ - after payments we still have 107% of mint funds (11,870◎)
  • All done whilst staking/distribution services are set up and tested.
This phase will be 8 weeks long and no revenue share will be provided during this time only to ensure a sustainable model.